Neal F. Morrow III, Esq

Neal Morrow provides Legal Services throughout Los Angeles and Orange County.  He works tirelessly to provide his clients with the best possible outcomes available.  In addition to a private practice, he is an Adjunct Professor of Law at Pacific Coast University School of Law, where he teaches Civil Procedure and Professional Ethics.  Mr. Morrow holds a Juris Doctor of Law and a Master's in Business Administration.


"I believe in handling legal matters in a personal and professional manner.  I will only take a case if there is a good foundation for pursuing your interests."  

 Neal F. Morrow III, Esq. 

David M. Manzetti, Esq, Associate  

Mr. Manzetti has 32 years experience in accounting, manufacturing, environmental compliance, communication with AQMD, CUPA, City of Los Angeles Industrial Waste, County of Los Angels Dept. of Sanitation, Cal EPA, Cal Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC), Fed. EPA, Air Resources Board (CARB), Water Resources Board, as well as procuring and evaluating Phase I and Phase II requirements of Brown Field Properties (Contaminated Property). 

He has coordinated the initial environmental assessment of commercial properties, though Phase I and Phase II clean up. This has included the drilling of ground water and soil gas wells, remediation of contaminated soils, vacuum extraction and remediation of toxic soil gasses and managing ongoing sampling wells.

Additionally he has 25 years experience managing a successful team of Real Estate Agents, Environmental Engineers, Toxicologists and Environmental Consultants that are able to facilitate the preparation of Heath Risk Assessment, Clean Up and Sale of Contaminated Real Estate.  

He has years of experience overseeing the implementation of NADCAP, ISO9001 Quality Management, process specifications, manufacturing, and subsequent heat treating and metal finishing, which includes the motorcycle, automotive, heavy equipment and aero/space industries.  This experience gives him the understanding of how to navigate complex Product Liability matters.